Social Resposibility

Corporate Social Resposibility

BOATech is committed to our corporate social responsibility, actively looking for ways to help empower South African citizens and organisations. We will enter into joint ventures with our customers to develop skills and, by pre-arrangement, make individuals available for recruitment at the completion of the program cycle. We believe in highly specialist skilled and trained staff, and always strive to pass our expertise on to our clients.

BOATech is a Black Empowered Organisation with a very successful skilled development program for previously disadvantaged individuals. This program sees the recruitment of graduates who are then trained, mentored and taught operational disciplines.

A high emphasis is placed on the learning of commercial conduct. Individuals are placed on-site at our customers during projects and are mentored by both BOATech members and our customers.

The individuals will contribute productivity to projects, leading support and development activities and will develop marketable skills.

Corporate Social Responsibility