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In our unpredictable world, the last thing businesses need is to struggle with their IT infrastructure solutions. Traditional data center infrastructure can’t keep up with the speed of business today. Managing separate silos for compute, storage, virtualisation, and networking is too slow and requires specialised IT professionals.

Enterprise Cloud is a modern, software-defined solution that natively integrates all IT resources to run any application while delivering true consumer-grade simplicity that makes infrastructure management effortless.

Through our partnership with Huawei, Nutanix, Veaam, and Micro Focus, we build on existing solutions that already work. Our approach allows us to take a high-tech yet simple approach to enhancing user experience while improving operational efficiency. Backed by intelligence at the core, we can make your tools smarter without added costs. Additionally, by optimising your use of cloud solutions, you can also optimise service delivery across every environment.

In short, you can take your transformation where it needs to go without encountering traditional issues and challenges. Below, we elaborate on a few of the solutions we use.

Asset Management X

BOATech provides Asset Management is a SaaS-based, cloud, or on-premises IT asset management (ITAM) and software asset management (SAM) solution that’s built on the OPTIC platform and uses common management interfaces from the Micro Focus service management solution.

RPA - Robotic Process Automation

Our RPA robots interact with apps and systems just like people do. However, they are faster, more accurate, highly secure and never sleep. They save time, cut costs, and free human employees to focus on more important things.

Networking Wireless & Mobile Computing

With various levels of networking and infrastructure from a managed IT service, organisations can place the technical aspects of cloud and wireless management in skilled resources, allowing your staff to focus on the core business.

Our services covers installation, monitoring and management of messaging software, Voice over IP (VoIP), data, and video, and in general communication devices.

Hybrid Cloud Management X

Hybrid Cloud Management X (HCMX) enables you to deploy IT services (apps, infrastructure, etc.) across hybrid, multi-cloud environments in record time.

Service Management Automation X

SMAX is the single front door to IT and Enterprise Service Desks, and a fully automated, engaging, service management experience that saves money. It is a single solution, based on analytics and machine learning, for Enterprise and IT Service Management and IT Asset Management.

It enables faster support resolution, fewer service outages and lower ticket volumes out-of-the-box. It’s an entirely codeless configuration and modern, container-based delivery assure low TCO.

The intuitive, consumer-grade portal improves user self-sufficiency and satisfaction and decreases ticket volume.

SMAX can be deployed in the public cloud or on premise or can be consumed as a service. ITIL-aligned, it automates out-of-the-box IT and non-IT processes, workflows and tasks and can be easily extended for custom, workflow-based applications without coding.

Operations Bridge

Operations Bridge is the industry’s first containerised product that automatically monitors Hybrid IT, reduces data noise, proactively detects problems, rapidly executes remediation, and improves collaboration across tool silos.

It is the only solution to merge APM, Big Data Analytics, dynamically updated (CMDB) service driven IT operations with stream and topology-based correlation into a Container based open ITOM platform that provide API access to monitored data.

Operations Bridge is the best solution to merge all data types, from 200+ plus tools and technologies, into a single pane of glass that includes a lightweight presentation layer for real-time dashboards and reporting. It incorporates 50+ analytics patents and 8000+ runbooks for remediation. Operations Bridge customers have seen 70x faster root cause, a 50% reduction in MTTR, improved customer experience and a reduction in the overall cost of IT Operations.

Data Center Automation

Containerised Data Center Automation X (DCAX) automates IT compliance and vulnerability risk management across the hybrid enterprise. 

Regulatory and security compliance span heterogeneous servers OS, databases, and middleware. Market-leading out-of-the-box compliance content and remediation actions align to the latest guidance for PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, CIS and ISO.

Since the content is customisable, you can also use DCAX to meet internal compliance requirements.

Network Operations Management (NOM)

The Network Operations Management (NOM) delivers a highly scalable network management solution centered around a real-time discovered multi-layer network topology with proactive monitoring, automated root cause analysis, provisioning and continuous compliance of physical, virtual, wireless and software defined network (SDN) infrastructure for a 50% reduction in MTTR and 80% reduction in costs. The NOM Suite also has the broadest and deepest multi-vendor support beyond simple SNMP and ICMP monitoring.

Operations Orchestration (OO)

Operations Orchestration (OO) is a true orchestrator that automates and orchestrates end-to-end processes with superior control and refreshing ease. For every operation, every integration, and every use case, OO delivers quick TTV and high ROI.

Automated Disaster Recovery Solution

Automated disaster recovery (bare-metal recovery)—centralised bare-metal recovery from or to physical and virtual systems from any backup set at no additional cost. Enhanced Automated Disaster Recovery (EADR) provides backup of application data as well as system data including operating system files, drivers, and files required for the initial boot process.

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