Big Data Security and Management

Compliant Data Management and Security Solutions

BOATech can balance the requirements for collaboration and productivity with information security, privacy and compliance across enterprise systems. Authorised access, exposure, and ongoing use of content from business applications (including emails and SharePoint/O365) and database applications is managed with reduced risk, complexity and cost.

Our big data security and management solutions allow enterprises to drive business value with trusted applications, data portability and privacy, while reducing risk.

With our Secured Data solutions, we enable advanced format-preserving encryption, secure stateless tokenization, and stateless key management to protect enterprise applications, data processing infrastructure, hybrid IT/cloud, payment ecosystems, mission-critical systems, storage, and analytic platforms.

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Beyond Prevention

Security prevention strategies and technology cannot guarantee safety from every attack. Given today’s threat landscape, it is vital to acknowledge that breach has either occurred or that it’s only a matter of time until it will.

It is more likely that an organization has already been compromised, but just hasn’t discovered it yet.

Operating with this assumption will reshape detection and response strategies in a way that pushes the limits of organizational infrastructure, people, processes, and technologies.

Our core functions is to test the companies’ defenses in ways that are not planned or expected, to determine if the defenses function as expected or intended, but in a controlled manner.

Our assessments are driven by threat modelling and results of tests are described through risk assessments, taking context into consideration

Offensive Security

Compromised Assessment

Defensive Security

Cybersecurity Management

Our team is internationally certified in several fields of Cyber Security and ICT.

Ethical Hacking

Advanced Ethical Hacking

AWS Cloud


Voltage Solutions

Smart Solutions Through Microfocus and Voltage

SecureData Enterprise

Format-preserving encryption, tokenisation, data masking, and key management.


Simplifies unstructured data security with persistent file encryption, secure collaboration, and privacy compliance.

SecureMail On-Premises

Email, file, and Office 365 protection for PII, PHI, and Intellectual Property.

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