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BOATech working closely with our clients we develop consulting professionals design, build and implement strategies that helps to enhance their business performance. We develop specialized expertise—strategic, industry, functional, technical in a diverse project environment requires SAP, Oracle and Microsoft solutions. We align to management consulting, systems integration consulting or technology consulting. We offer business and systems Integration professionals analyse, design and/or develop best practice business changes through technology solutions.

Our solutions on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) focuses on but not limited to Oracle/Microsoft/SAP professionals design, implement and deploy solutions to achieve defined business goals. We maintain skills in implementation process design and configuration; CRM/ERP application design, development, integration, testing and deployment; and ERM/CRM application technical architecture.

Organizations that do not have an IT strategy in place are akin to clueless organizations adrift in the sea of the 21st century marketplace, rudderless, and directionless. Moreover, with technology becoming the norm rather than the exception, organizations cannot afford to simply have a basic IT strategy and instead, must actualize a comprehensive IT strategy that is aligned to their business and corporate strategies. With the rapid spread of IT (Information Technology) and the increasing interconnection and connectivity in the contemporary world, having an IT strategy is no longer a luxury for organizations and indeed, it has become the very necessity for survival. This means that for organizations to harness the power of IT, leverage the synergies between their business processes, and capitalize on the efficiencies of the economies of scale, they need a robust, coherent, and proactive IT strategy. Our professional consulting also include IT strategy formulation. The strategy formulation touches IT Governance, Enterprise Architecture.